There is a need of quality in every business across the world today. With a competitive trend in every business line, it is extremely difficult to take hold of any business and take it to new heights unless of course, you have the right certification. The need is to have a certification that is tailor made for your business. If you are in a business that is involved in the design, development, production, installation and service of petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas products, then an ISO 29001 certification would define the quality standards that your company needs.

What is ISO 29001 certification?

It is a quality management system that discusses and ensures the right procedures that has to be in place for a company in Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.

The main advantage of implementing a certification in your business would be the change in efficiency levels you would bring about. There would be a huge rise in the level of quality you would bring to the table with these standards. An oil and gas management system is a certification that would bring a new level of efficiency in your business, especially in its supply chain management. There are many specifications that need to be followed as part of the ISO standard and these are the defining steps to quality delivery.

An OGMS is based on the ISO 9001 standards and are focused towards increasing productivity in the entire system and bring down the volume of variation and waste from different risk points. The standard would keep the entire system clear and extremely auditable. It would ensure a global approval for consistency and guaranteed assurance in the market. In fact, international markets follow the required standards in such an industry. An ISO 29001 certification would mean quality supply of good and a sure service for the providers. PICL understands the value of such a certification for your business and helps.

Benefits of ISO 29001 certification

An oil and gas management system has plenty of benefits and lot more than what meets the eye. A few key points

Garnering an international audience. With an ISO 29001 certification like this in place, you would be able to open your business portfolio across many channels. You would be able to reach out to international contracts that are on offer.

Marketing your business becomes extremely easy. You would be able to reach out any trading option. It would make it easy for you to gather more licenses to increase the number of contracts and prospects to sell.

Every company stakeholder needs to know that their company is being directed towards the right path. With such a quality standard in place, it is bound to impress the stakeholders by showcasing your commitment to industry best practices.

You would be able to bring down expenses and increase efficiency in the system. This would effectively mean improving the quality of the output and reducing wastage.

An assessment of the system would help you understand loopholes and threats in the company. You would be able to know what is going wrong in your business and how you have to fix it.